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12 month exclusive membership


Your exclusive UK Voices membership lasts a whole 12 months. For a full year you'll have access to apply for all voice over jobs available in the JobZone PLUS you’ll get your unique voice reel to help you get your voice heard.


Exclusive free offers


Your membership of UK Voices also entitles you to some great free offers. Firstly, you'll get free entry into the Voice of the Year prize. We're looking for a fantastic voice over artist that represents the best the UK has to offer and the prize is a cool £1000!

You'll also get free priority membership of our new American venture, US Voiceovers. The American market loves British accents – you'll be first in line for the best jobs Stateside!


Flexible membership option


Our membership option includes a small commission payment to UK Voices when you make money and it's currently reduced by 50%!


Complete money-back guarantee


We'll also offer you something very special - a complete money-back guarantee. We're confident that you'll find work with UK Voices in your first year's membership. But, if you don't, we'll refund your membership fee. Guaranteed. So, what are you waiting for? Register today and get well and truly involved in the wonderful world of voiceovers!

Pay just £59.99 for a whole year for and get a moneyback guarantee. If you don't find any work you can claim your money back.

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